Why We Need KYC

The most crucial decision to make in our life, is to choose who should we be with.

Should I choose this babysitter, let her step into my family living with us?
Should I choose this blind date, try to develop a relationship?
Should I choose this interviewee, let her operate our company’s new media accounts?

If only there is a review system letting us check other people’s comments from their aspects so that we can have a thorough understanding about the interviewee, making judgement and choices faster and better?

KYC, is the system.

Why can KYC solve the issue better

In the past era of traditional Internet, the Internet platform could not solve the issue for some reasons:
Considering the level to customers, it could not provide the initial-phase users with incentives strong enough to create information, nor could it control and optimize the quality of the information, therefore it’s impossible to activate the positive cycle of the whole ecology.
On the level to business parties, although many companies have many comments on persons, the lack of sufficient incentives and mechanisms made it very difficult for them to build deep trust between each other and establish a larger network by sharing information.

The blockchain-based KYC provides incentives and trust to solve the issue.

  • In the early stage, KYC will provide free KYC tokens to the contributors of early network as direct stimulus to become beneficiaries of the network development, so that the ecology can be initialized;

  • The token-based market mechanism will guide the flow of information and value through the market supply and demand, making those contributors who produced high-quality data of comments receive the benefits, so that the activeness of the ecology can be maintained;

  • The blockchain-based data records enable all parties of the cooperation trust the impartiality of the whole mechanism and the transaction flow. Through the ecological cooperation, more and more partner users will use KYC chain to produce and consume comments information, and therefore maximize the value of ecological network.


Job Hunting & recruiting

KYC will give interviewers KYC incentives to encourage sharing their comments so that HR staffs in other companies can paying KYC to check them and screen out better candidates; candidates also can check the comments to the future boss and know if he should accept the job accordingly.


before you decide if you will go for a blind date or go further into a serious relationship, you can check the comments made to your boyfriend/girlfriend by his/her friends, coworkers in KYC to understand him/her better from more aspects about his/her character, life style and friend types.

Choosing a Babysitter

When choosing a babysitter, you can make decisions not only based on a resume and a brief interview. You can check the comments made by the babysitter’s friend and former employer, double check the truth of the resume and evaluate if the babysitter will fit in your family situation.

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